Digital State-of-the-Art X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an important diagnostic tool that provides your dentist with more detailed information about your teeth and mouth that can be essential in preventing or detecting dental issues. An X-ray can reveal valuable information that may not be found by a regular dental exam. Our doctors will be able to detect bone loss, benign and malicious tumors, abnormal development, irregular tooth and root positions, abscesses or cysts, as well as problems with the jaw bone and below the gums. Reduced radiation and instant view on the computer are among the many benefits of digital x-rays. This tool is used by the dentist to provide you with the most effective and complete dental treatment.

Having digital State-of-the-Art X-Rays taken can seem somewhat overwhelming and traumatic. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the duration of this process. We will take the time to discuss your concerns and how you are feeling. In addition, we will provide you with helpful tips for overcoming dental anxieties, which may include simple comforts such as a blanket and neck pillow, or more involved comforts such as conscious sedations.

Your natural teeth are invaluable, having digital state-of-the-art x-rays enables our doctors to provide you with the best information to keep your teeth and gums healthy. At the time of your Digital State-of-the-Art X-Rays procedure, our doctors will devise an individualized plan specific to your dental goals and needs. To repair, restore and save your natural teeth is our top priority.

Healthier teeth. Happier you./strong>