Summer is finally here! | Hopewell Dental Care

Summer is finally here!


Summer is here! Everyone is soaking up the sun and getting lots of outdoor activities. When the heat turns up we will be heading for cool snacks and beverages. Many summer foods and drinks will stain and damage your teeth.

Now you’re asking, “WHAT?????” Don’t worry we have a few tips for you.

Let’s start with Ice Cream and Popsicles; we all agree it’s the best summertime snack EVER, right?  Ice Cream is a summer staple, however, it has a high sugar content that can damage your teeth, not to mention if you have sensitivity. Ice Cream should be avoided. Yes, I’m thinking what you’re thinking…”NO WAY”. We recommend that you look for all-natural versions with no added sugars.   Make sure after you indulge, brush your teeth or you can rinse your mouth with water. This will help wash away the sugars that are left lingering in your mouth.

Watermelon is a great healthy snack for hot weather.

Fruit juices can cause tooth decay, along with high acid that can in time wear down the enamel and cause erosion. Fruit juices are very high in sugar content even in the natural state. You may think being organic and all-natural would be a healthy option, we don’t recommend drinking a lot of fruit juices.   Stick to water; add a cucumber in it for a refreshing change of pace.

So eat and drink responsibly this summer and enjoy the sunshine!