Don’t stress with the mess! | Hopewell Dental Care


The holidays can be exhausting. Lets face it, trying to juggle everything is IMPOSSIBLE. How our mothers made everything perfect for the holiday still to this day is amazing. Baking an array of cookies and goodies, shopping, wrapping each gift meticulously with bright beautiful bows, cleaning and decorating the entire home, laundry, hosting the holiday parties, serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails all while working a full time job. We may often look back and think of ourselves as failures…well times have changed PEOPLE! Most of us go to SAM’s club to buy take and bake cookies, order most gifts online for overnight delivery, place them in gift bags (meticulously I might add), order Chinese take out and plug in our I-Robots and call it a day. There is NOTHING wrong with that. It allows us to spend quality time together as a family, and that is what is important through the holidays. Take time to spend with loved ones and don’t be stressed. Time can’t be bought, that’s what your children, family & friends will remember more than that gift basket filled with stale candy.

From all of us at Hopewell Dental Care …

Happy Holidays!