Holidays and Candy | Hopewell Dental Care

With the holidays fast approaching here’s a few tips to help keep your teeth happy, strong and healthy!

We all love sugar- and so does the bacteria that lives there. When you eat sugary snacks, cavity-causing bacteria produce acids that eat away at your teeth. Solution? Choose sugar-free snacks, look for ingredients such as xylitol. Xylitol can help with reducing plaque buildup.

Chew gum after meals – Sugar free gums and candy also help produce saliva that can help wash away bacteria and plaque. Chewing gum after your meals, can un-stick food particles that hide in crevasses, clearing bacteria and sticky foods that like to hide. Look for gum marked with the ADA Seal.

Dark Chocolate?????? If you are a chocoholic (you know you are) your best option is dark chocolate. Milk and white chocolates do not offer the same protective benefits as dark chocolate can. Make sure that it contains at least 60% or more “Real Cocoa” it also helps with heart-protective benefits as well!

Keep stockings filled with non-sticky treats…not only is sticky, chewy candy not your friend, you must watch dried fruits, such as the yummy fruitcake that Aunt Edna makes every year (yeah I know, your bummed…who doesn’t love Aunt Edna’s fruitcake…lol). Very sticky foods are the worst thing for your teeth, they act like superglue around back teeth making it impossible to brush off. If you must have gummies eat them in one sitting, then floss, brush and chew a stick of gum for at least 20 minutes after.

Hope this bit of info will help keep you in tip-top shape for the holidays!

Be sure to call to schedule your cleaning to keep that holiday smile sparkling!!!

All of us at Hopewell Dental Care wish each and every one of you a bright and merry Holiday!